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Licentietype: Gratis programmatuur
Bestand Grootte: 702.23kB
versie: 2.53
Date Updated: JUL-04-2013

With Karaoke Player you can have karaoke in your own computer. Spend a fun evening with your friends, singing your favourite songs.

Karaoke Player plays audio files in the .KAR format (karaoke) and in the standard MIDI format (.mid, .midi, .rmi).

Karaoke Player has a very simple user interface that can be totally adapted to your taste. You can change the appearance whenever you want by downloading an endless list of new skins and even change the language of the application. Modify as much as you want the window that contains the song lyrics: its size, colour, font and background image. With Karaoke Player everything can be tailored to meet your needs.

You can also personalise playlists, that is, the repertoire of songs that you want to perform. Edit and categorise your own folders.

You can have fun changing the tone of the song or muting one or several instruments. Everything is possible with Karaoke Player.