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Licentietype: Trial
versie: 6
Ontwikkelaar: Corel Corporation.
Date Updated: SEP-08-2015

Ulead Photo Express is a photograph retouching program that allows you to edit and correct your photos and add a personal touch to them.

You can easily add special effects to your images, introduce text into your photos and create montages with the help of Ulead Photo Express.

You don‘t need to be a professional photographer, as this software is very easy to use. With Ulead Photo Express you can create albums, CD covers, video greeting cards (that you can send by email), photographs with sound, web pages, calendars, etc.

Make your photos special with Ulead Photo Express by making them spin in a magic cube, adding fireworks or other animated objects. Have fun creating a new reality.

Ulead Photo Express works with all types of formats, including scanned images and images from digital cameras.