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Licentietype: Gratis programmatuur
Bestand Grootte: 9.56MB
versie: 12.7
Ontwikkelaar: eMule MorphXT 12.7
Date Updated: FEB-16-2016

eMule MorphXT is a modification of the eMule program. As you know it is a software program that allows you to share your files with other users without any format or size restrictions: videos, documents, programs, games, music…

In this new version of eMule there are several improvements: the download speed has been increased as it accesses a large number of sources when undertaking a search. The safety aspect has also been improved in eMule MorphXT, as now, in addition to being free of viruses and spyware, it has an antileecher option.

The design of the application has been improved. Now eMule MorphXT is even easier to use as it has a very practical and graphic interface.

eMule MorphXT is an eMule modification that is available in multiple languages. It has support for computers with UPnP architecture a Native Service (eMule Morph XT is executed without the need for the user to intervene) and Intelligent Category Control to comfortably control downloads.